The 5 Best Boho Style Bloggers You Need to Follow

Love the look of long flowing dresses, splashes of colour, and little touches of embroidery or wood?

This bohemian style (AKA boho) is comfortable and embodies who you are. A free spirit.

Whether your personal style is mixing it up between boho and modern styles, or if you keep it strictly bohemian, or even if you don’t actually own any boho outfits yet…

You’re in dire need of some inspiration.

But lucky for you, we’ve got a list of the 5 best boho style bloggers that you absolutely need to follow. Check out their Insta, follow along with their blog, and copy some outfits! Don’t worry, we all do it. And even if you want to be unique and create your own style, you’ll know what others are doing so you’ll be able to form your own style too.

#1. Styled Avenue (@meg_legs)

You might have seen her on your explore page or even have a few of her posts in an inspiration collection. With her enormous follow count at almost 500,000 -- there’s a good chance you’ve seen Meg around.

Her blog, Styled Avenue, posts every month and has heaps of looks to check out.

She even goes a step further and tells you the exact item of clothing she wears and where she got them from. 

#2. Elise Cook

Travelling around Australia with her husband in her camper van. Drinking wine, making wine, and living that free spirit lifestyle.

Anyone else envious? While you can’t just quit your day job and dive right into the boho lifestyle (well, you could, I guess), you can follow along with @elisecook instead at her Down The Rabbit Hole Wines blog.

#3. Lisa Danielle Smith

Another fellow Australian influencer here. Living in Byron Bay, she absolutely loves the water, half her feed has some stunning ocean views in the background.

If you love boho, travel, and stunning water views -- Lisa is an absolute must follow. 

#4. Katie Purling (@mycolourfulworld_)

Colourful photos. Travel. Boho lifestyle.

Did I mention she’s a photographer? Check out her Instagram and you’ll be tempted to pick up that DSLR camera you’ve had lying around for years. 

She even has a travel section on her Katie Purling Photography blog that documents her travels and gives you some neat tips and tricks for visiting the same location.

#5. Alexandra Lapp

While Alexandra isn’t completely Boho, I’m certain she’s an influencer you’d love following anyways.

Her Insta feed is filled with luxury travel photos, outfit ideas (some are Boho), and one single food shot that actually looks delish.

Her blog, on the other hand, is filled with outfit ideas and inspiration that you can check out.

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