Our Top Picks for a Perfect Boho Getaway

Time for a getaway?

Work’s catching up on you, the stress is building up, and you need a way to let loose. Drinking with the girls on the weekend? That doesn’t cut it anymore. All the tea has been spilt and there’s nothing juicy to talk about now.

So it’s time to grab your luggage, ignore your bank accounts, and book a boho getaway with your girlfriends. Future you can sort the rest out.

Here are some of our top picks for the perfect boho getaway:

#1. Tulum, Mexico


You’ve seen countless travel vlogs, Instagram stories, and bloggers raving about this place.

But now, it’s time to actually commit and travel literally to the other side of the world to see what this place is all about, in person this time.

White sand, turquoise water, and even Mayan ruins.

This is the perfect place for a getaway and to up the dropping quality of your Instagram feed.

#2. Formentera, Spain


Located just 8km from Ibiza, this is the perfect place to go for a getaway. Party hard in Ibiza for a few days, then turn down the pace and take a day-trip to Formentera.

You’ll see bone-white sand, some rusty red rocks, and hippie markets. Ride around on a bicycle through the island and enjoy the skin-tingling sun. Then head up to the lighthouse at the end of the world, AKA La Mola Lighthouse.

Take a look over the cliffs and see views like never before. Don’t step too close though, there’s still a lot more for you to see.

#3. Hoshinoya Fuji, Japan


Rather not travel to the other side of the world? Keep it close by and head to Asia instead. 

Instead of the common beach getaway, head into the woods instead and enjoy the greens, browns, and the occasional blues.

Explore the woods surrounding Mt. Fuji, enjoy a glass of whiskey next to the bonfire, and canoe through glassy waters in the morning.

If you want the perfect boho getaway to destress, this place is for you.

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