City Chic - Bring The Boho Beach Style To The Concrete Jungle

The Bohemian boho culture style dates as far back as the French Revolution, where writers, artists and creatives were deprived of their handsome pay from wealthy clients for their works.

What we now know as the boho style is trendy and is for sure here to stay. The 1960’s and 1970s gypsetting era embedded the style in our western culture producing icons like Bridget Bardot, Stevie Nix and other modern muses like Kate Moss.

Consider following these tips if you really want to master your city’s boho style.

1 - Go for easy, comfortable and effortless styles. The whole purpose of the boho style is to make you feel like you’re expressing yourself rather than just following trends. So check to see how your outfit moves and feels. The Bohemian Modern Woman knows what good style is and what best suits her.

2 - Go for the beautiful fabrics with vintage-inspired prints or vibrant, bold accents. If your preference is block colours, search for them with metallic threads, embroidery or lace.

3 - Search for accessories with adornments such as neon accents, embroidery, coins or metallic threads. You can add to the instant boho luxe with jewels or the perfect clutch. You can additionally add a Panama hat or felt ton achieve that next-level chic.

4 - Add Layers! You can do it with fabrics such as kimono (ankle length) over a maxi dress or your jewels, long beads with silver crystals and chains. Don’t overdo it; remember to keep the style elegant and straightforward.

5 - Lastly, you can clash textures and prints! Go for the floral prints with furs or stripes or velvet… just adjust it to fit your style, and if you like it, then you’re good to go. It will definitely work.

If you want to nail the boho fashion trend, there are a few must-do fashion items you will need to take heed of – paisley prints, soft suedes, tie dye, long maxi skirts, dainty lace and the flowering.

This 70s style is back with a bang! The styling procedure for the boho-chic is super easy, plus the dressing is all about being free-spirited. You can match and combine colours, textures and prints to customise your look.

By following this guide, you’ll master the bohemian style and design an outfit Kate Moss would want!