3 Reasons Why you need to add linen clothing to your boho style

Over the past year, linen clothing has had a massive revival in the fashion scene and don’t expect it to go anywhere any time soon. But what exactly is Linen, and why is it stunning having it as a wardrobe staple?

You may have noted that the cost of quality Linen is always a bit pricey as compared to say, Cotton, and mainly because the quality is of enormous significance plus the fibrous Flax crop is not easily workable. The Flax thread is generally lacking in elasticity, and when woven into cloth, the threads can easily break. So it’s always essential to be in the know that ironing or folding Linen continuously over time risks fibre breakage. But the advantages of getting Linen all over your home or in your wardrobe totally justifies the high price tag.


Linen is an excellent sustainable product 

As compared to Cotton, far less water is required for growing the Flax plant and does not require any pesticides for its production. The Flax plant does not need much land for growing and can happily grow in poor soil. That sustainability is increasingly becoming essential for our planet’s health, which has seen a majority of brands starting to incorporate Linen in their collections, crafting amazing Linen shirts, dresses, shorts, and pants out of Linen-blended fabrics and Linen. It makes perfect sense.

model wearing the lola frill maxi dress, linen dress in the colour biscuit or ivory

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Strength and durability

Out of all the natural fibres, Linen is deemed to be the strongest and gets even stronger with washes! It dates back to around 8000BC and was actually used as currency in ancient Egypt, showing its sturdy and strong nature. So you can be guaranteed that linen clothing will last you several Summer seasons coming, which makes it an ideal addition to any capsule conscious wardrobe.

Model wearing the Zimmi Pants in terracotta, linen pants

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Linen is a great fabric to wear in the summer.

On a hot summer day, wearing a Linen shirt or dress will typically absorb moisture from the scorching heat. It’s an excellent heat conductor, and with stiffer fabric and open weave, it doesn’t cling on to the body, which allows it to dry as fast as it can absorb moisture. Before getting wet, it can absorb 1/5 of its total body weight in moisture. 

model wearing the isabella linen mini dress in yellow/pink floral

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