Gatsby' Sculptural Candle - Ambered Sandalwood

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About this Candle

Inspired by the Art Deco era, our Gatsby sculptural candle is a stunning statement piece to burn or admire.

When scented, this candle will fill the room without needing to burn it. Meaning you get to enjoy the aroma and keep this timeless piece on display!

Our sculptural candles are made from an all natural wax blend of 100% pure soy and ethically sourced beeswax. This blend gives you a clean, low tox, guilt-free burn and works to purify the air in your home through its production of negative ions. 


Sculptural candle is 16cm tall and 10cm wide.

Just like us, our candles may have some imperfections. This can include some slight imperfections and variations in colour, all due to being handmade. 

Gatsby' Sculptural Candle - Ambered Sandalwood