The Garden Path Overalls - Redwoods Linen

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Made for foraging in nature you can fill it's pockets with treasures to marvel at or pack them with crystals to add a touch of homely comfort on your days out in the big wide world.

A sister to the beloved Farm Girl overalls from our previous collection; the Garden Path Overalls deliver the same ultra comfortable, versatile and effortless style with a few new treats and adjustments. Designed to add to your collection, or start depending how far along you are in your collection of beloved overalls.

Pair with our Solstice Skivvies, Feather Shirt, Camomile Crop or the Swan Blouse for a beautiful and comfortable outfit for day or night. Additionally, pair with your own tee's shirts, jumpers and blouses for endless outfit possibilities and ultimate comfort. 

Made from super soft, mid-weight Linen these Overalls feature contrast cross stitch detailing, adjustable straps, a slightly tapered medium width leg, rolled hem toggles to adjust length, pockets at the front and rear and come without the rayon lining they had previously been made with in the past. (This is to ensure they can be more trans-seasonal and multifunctional to give you the ability to wear on the warmer months as well as the cooler.) They are also a roomier fit that last time to ensure they cater to a more vast array of Angels and are a little more breezy on warmer days. 

- Made from 100% Mid weight Linen

- Easy effortless style

- Versatile and multifunctional

- Breathable natural fibre 

- Breastfeeding and maternity friendly

Size Info

These Overalls are available in sizes XS,S,M,L,& XL.  Like most of our pieces they have been designed to be loose and freeform, so sizing is simply a guide for you to choose how you would like them to fit you personally. This particular piece is a much roomier fit than usual so if you would prefer a smaller fit; go down a size. Otherwise we hope you enjoy the freedom of this looser style.

In the images Mum is wearing the size M and would usually be a size 14 or 16 In other Australian labels . I am wearing the S and would normally wear a size 10 or 12 in other Australian labels.

In this piece the sizes above roughly translate to accomodate for the following Australian Sizes:

XS = 6-8

S = 8-10

M = 12-14

L = 14 - 16

XL = 

16- 18

The Garden Path Overalls - Redwoods Linen
The Garden Path Overalls - Redwoods Linen
The Garden Path Overalls - Redwoods Linen
The Garden Path Overalls - Redwoods Linen
The Garden Path Overalls - Redwoods Linen
The Garden Path Overalls - Redwoods Linen