The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg

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The Petal Pantaloons are inspired the bloomers my Mum would dress me in as a little girl. Frilled mid length little trousers I wore under dresses with my frilly socks and Rossi boots. I have never forgotten them and always wished I could still wear something similar today. Looking back at the beautiful underwear worn in  years gone by I too fell in love with the Pantaloons worn by the women during the empire period. Romantic and feminine but still practical and comfortable. Especially if they could be worn as outerwear rather than underwear.

So came the 'Petal Pantaloons' my modern day bloomer/ pantaloon. A high waisted  trouser that also happens to be a very comfortable and perfect for pairing with well just about anything. Worn throughout here with the Camomile Crops, Ode Shirt, Renaissance Shirt, Swan Blouse and Feather shirt.

Featuring a long shirred elasticated/ drawstring waistband, raw edge frilled hems, subtle kick flare leg, cropped length and small frilled cuffs. Resulting in a trouser that is super comfortable but polished and charming. 

Nutmeg is a beautiful light brown inspired by the beautiful colour of Nutmeg. Beautiful for layering with other neutral tones or other soft tonings. 


- Easy, comfortable fit

- Super stretchy waistband and adjustable drawstring

- Leave waistband high or fold over and fasten with tie

- Maternity Friendly

- Made from 100% Medium weight Rayon

- Super soft, breathable fabric

Size Info:

These pants are available in sizes XS,S,M,L,& XL. Like most of our pieces it is designed to be free flowing, so sizing is simply a guide for you to choose how you would like it to fit you. These pants are designed to be gently tailored in their overall fit so we have sized them according to the design's desired silhouette. We recommend going for the size that translates to what you would usually wear. 

In the images above I am wearing the size S and Mum is wearing the size M.

In this piece the sizes above roughly translate to accomodate for the following Australian Sizes:

XS = 6-8

S = 10-12

M = 12-14

L = 14-16

XL = 16-18

The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg
The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg
The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg
The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg
The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg
The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg
The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg
The Petal Pantaloons - Nutmeg