How to Layer

Boho styled clothing is often made out of natural materials and has that ‘floaty’ type of look. Because of this, layering is a powerful way to enhance your outfit and add more interesting pieces to your look.

While there’s an infinite amount of outfit combinations to choose from and you’ll never know what item you’ll acquire next -- here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing.

#1. Bombers

If you have a long flowy base layer, wearing another long jacket won’t be a good fit. Instead, contrast the long item with a shorter jacket, like a bomber jacket.

Take this a step further and consider the fitting of each item.

If you’re wearing an oversized bomber, you’ll want to contrast this with a slimmer and more flattering base layer skirt or other items.

#2. Balance your outfit

Look in the mirror and what do you see?

If a certain layer is standing out more than the rest, you might have to switch it out for something less in your face. E.g., if one layer is clearly clashing with everything else you’re wearing, or drawing attention away from another item, it’s safer to put that down for now. When you’re more comfortable with layering, you can try to incorporate this piece again. 

#3. Use belts


While you want to stick to the boho theme of comfort and flowing clothes, you also want to show off your figure.

After adding a layer or two, it’s pretty easy to look like you’re wearing a potato sack. Counteract this by using a belt to add some dimension to your outfit. Bonus style points if you use a chic leather belt with a cool buckle!

#4. Keep base layers thin


Stick to thin materials for your base layers. These are your thin t-shirts, spaghetti tops, and blouses. 

Wearing thin layers as your base allow you to add extra layers without you bulking up your outfit. Instead, it gives you a lovely contrast that lets you add more statement pieces without looking too stuffy.

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