Feeling Good At Home In Layers - Vivi Vron

By Vivi Vron for Tierra Alma


Nobody would have predicted the challenges we are facing in the current world right now, it’s surreal and devastating. As hard as it is, we must learn to slow down and look after our selves and each other inside and out, we certainly have the time for it now. We are creatures of routine, so keep one. If your working routine was Monday – Friday do your daily chores during that time. Or read a few chapters of that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for months during the time you would normally read your emails at work. Social media platforms are a blessing at the moment with so many different ideas on how to stay calm, healthy and how to laugh. We here at Tierra Alma thought we’d join in with all the positive vibes and add ways to self-love.


Self Love and Laughter


Layer number 3 (we’re counting down) is fashion.

Now, we might sound biased but the best way to feel good is through fashion. That feeling you get when you first try something on and it fits your body exactly the way you envisioned it is simply like no other. So to keep in routine at home while still wearing your favorite pieces is to pre plan you dinner outfits. On the mornings you choose set out what outfit you will wear while you cook dinner and then sit down and enjoy it whether that be alone or people you live with. If you’re working from home look great while doing so, save the old baggy trackies for the weekends. Another great idea is to wear your beautiful outfits at home! Put that dress on that you paid way too much for and have only worn once during your Zoom catch ups with your friends, maybe even go the extra mile and do your hair and makeup, get your friends to do the same and create a virtual event for fun.


Fashion Fever


Under the layer of chic outfits is layer number 2, which is our skin.

As the months get cooler and we spend most if not all our time inside and our skin suffers. Take a bath! Seriously when was the last time you did that? If you don't have one make a foot bath, add some essential oils in that perfect water temperature and allow your skin to soak it up. As you lay there put some trusty cucumbers over your tired and stressed eyes, they not only have a cooling effect but also help lighten dark circles. Also, take the time to moisturize your body daily after your shower, your skin will thank you for it once we are on the better end of these times. Lastly, but never the least, drink! And we mean loads of water not bottles of wine, although that could help too. Water is the most essential thing that your skin needs to keep hydrated.


Hydrate Your Skin


 Our most naked layer is number 1, our souls.

During these hard times we need to stop and realize what really matters. What is it that makes you want to feel alive and be thankful for? Those thoughts will power us through this. If you’re having a bad day, and we will all have them, try slow breathing techniques and some visualization to help get you through the negative thoughts. They say laughter is the best medicine, so don’t feel bad if you decide to giggle about the current situation, whether it be laughter from going cuckoo at home or seeing a funny meme, let it out and laugh!

And finally our favorite feel good remedy is love. Love your self, love your friends and even love your enemy, and visualize the day when you can hug them, that day isn’t too far away.