Boho Stripped Bare - Vivi Vron

By Vivi Vron for Tierra Alma


When people think Boho many would think 70’s music in the likes of Janis Joplin or Fleetwood Mac, we like to put that together with floral bell-bottoms and tasselled vests.

70’s fashion is an art form and an inspiration to many, but what about the boho chic beneath it all? Who is she naked? Now we know that a real boho would never be completely bare, a turquoise toe ring or a floppy hat would always remain, but as she stands with nothing else on, who is she? Is she shy? Strong? Sexy? She is all of them in the one present body.

She can be shy when stripped and maybe even more so in her crochet dress, but with shyness comes strength and a boho girl’s strength is not to be messed with!

Her power along with her velvet duster jacket is electric and vibrant and while her courage shines her sexiness brightens. Sexy is fashion.

To feel sexy is to feel free and being free is outright beauty, and beauty whether it be inside with our spirit or outside with our gypsy beads is the boho chic stripped bare.