5 reasons why the wrap dress is the real MVP!

After an entire week of warm sunny days and comfortable nights, summer has definitely arrived to Australia. It is time to pack our fall and winter clothes away, and there is one summer item that we can't wait to bring back out - wrap dresses.

If you haven't incorporated a wrap dress into your wardrobe, why not?

Featuring a universally flattering silhouette, there is an endless number of reasons why we think you need to have one. However, we have pared down our list to the five most important reasons why you need a wrap dress.


As we said, the wrap dress is universally flattering

Now you know why every woman on Instagram is modelling her wrap dress. They are so well-suited for everyone. No matter what your body type, skin tone, height, Team Jacob or Team Edward status you have, a wrap dress is ideal for you. 

Wrap dresses give you a beautiful hour glass shape, enhances your chest, and elongates your neck - what else could you ask for? They also hide potential food bulge which means you can eat whatever you want without feeling uncomfortable later. Although we love high-waisted jeans, having to unbutton them out in public is something we definitely want to avoid! 


No maintenance required

Here is a secret we want to tell you about; wrap dresses feel like you are wearing your pyjamas out in public. They only take a few seconds to style and result in an outfit that looks as if it took you an hour to put together. The hot days of summer are on their way, so once it starts to be humid outside, put on a wrap dress. You will absolutely love it.

Anyplace and anytime 

You know days where absolutely none of your clothes are working? Its either too formal or too casual or simply not what you would like to wear that day? With wrap dresses, those kinds of days simply don't happen. In a beautiful wrap dress you will never be over- or under-dressed. 

You can style a wrap dress for chic wedding attire where the bride still won't accuse you of trying to steal the show (although you will look amazing, we assure you) to smart, professional workwear. 

The perfect go-to is to choose a sequin-studded or satin-looking fabric when you need or want to dress up.  Then simply add your favourite pair of heels and feminine jewellery. To keep things casual, you can wear sneakers with a wrap dress, which is the summer look on Instagram. Be sure to choose something floral or a knit fabric to truly pull the look off. If it is cold outside, a leather jacket can finish off your look quite well. 

They are timeless 

Although wrap dresses are definitely trending right now, they are not trendy. What we mean is you will not be looking inside your closet next year and wondering what you were thinking of (nothing like the super low-rise jeans you were wearing in the 1990s). 

Another great thing about wrap dresses is they can be worn for many years into the future. They will look as chic on your 70-year-old grandmother as they do on you.  

They fit perfectly at all times 

This is my favourite wrap dress feature. When I wear a wrap dress, it always fits perfectly, even after my Christmas holidays. The wrap feature allows you to customise the dress to suit your figure, so your look will always go off without any hitches. 

So what are you waiting for? Give the wrap dress a try!